Our Products

Time, quality, and value are elements essential in today’s food businesses and consumer lifestyles. Each of our products embody these elements to provide you with a selection of the best flavors captured in our packaging, and brought right to your kitchen. Our desire is for you to have the best within your reach and create your masterpiece dishes for you and everyone to enjoy.

Product development

Throughout the years, Proplan has amassed a repertoire of decades worth of culinary legacies, which we use in creating our sauces and products. We desire for our clients and customers to experience and take part of this journey through our artisan products.

Our Research and Development team strives to be both innovative, and at the same time respect the cultural heritage of each of our products, while advancing our vision of being stewards of good food in our generation. We honor our values of being environmentally responsible by making sure our production processes have a low impact on the environment when it comes to wastes and its hazards.