Our Products

Time, Quality, and Flavors are essential for Restaurant Business owners and consumers selecting ingredients that can shorten the period of cooking process is a good thing to do. Therefore, we decided to invent the various types of products for your choice and preference tastes you want. We also provide more convenience to accelerate your cooking process to save more time for your first-class business and even for the impressive meal with your family you can provide.

Product development

For more than 30 years, which is over a half of a man’s life, Proplan has assembled in all knowledge and proficiency to create plenty of menus. And we are engrossed in improving the quality of our products in order to provide the best for our Clients/Customers.

Our Research & Development team always concentrates to be the leader in terms of product quality. They always invent the new innovations, aligning with the company’s vision. Moreover, we always concern about the environmental ethics in each step of our production process to reduce the impact to the environment on waste and hazards.