Proplan Industrial produces on variety of foods and ingredients. So, we serve clients in large area in both domestic as local products and international as exports. Our market also covers the clients in the industrial level, local restaurants, and regular clients in the retail market.

Our product’s pattern is remarkable for food enterprises. For example, OEM, which is the process of producing upon the well-known international brands’ requests, or even the instant food manufacturers that choose Proplan’s raw materials and ingredients for their products to create the premium food and deliciousness. Moreover, first-class restaurants, franchise restaurants, and catering company also choose our premium products as their choice.

Furthermore, Proplan also has retail products in order to make consumers feel easy to access to the products. It can be assured that all the clients even in the household level can enjoy the superior taste with the premium quality during their private parties either with their friends or family. However, our retail products have been placed on sale in both domestic and international countries.