About Us

Proplan Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in 2004 and has since been producing ingredients and seasoning products for food manufacturers in a wide range of needs from manufacturing businesses, hotel & restaurant chains, and even at home. Our work culture and values are centered on giving our clients the best products from the heart, and operates on efficiency, hygiene, and safety of all products we create for our clients. Our facilities were designed to create hygienic conditions and utilities, which were installed with modern and high speed product equipment and technologies. We also implement modern administration systems to ensure food safety and hygiene in processing our products. The company is duly certified by BRC, GMP, HACCP standard. In addition, we select only premium-quality raw materials for our top-quality products. Equally important to us, our staff in both the Operational and Management divisions are equipped and empowered to be innovative and provide the best product to our clients. Our team’s growth in number, capacity, and individual quality have always been essential in providing the best service we can give.