Time, Quality, and Flavors are essential for Restaurant Business owners and consumers selecting ingredients that can shorten the period of cooking process is a good thing to do. Therefore, we decided to invent the various types of products for your choice and preference tastes you want. We also provide more convenience to accelerate your cooking process to save more time for your first-class business and even for the impressive meal with your family you can provide.


Daifuku, Premixed modified starch for Japanese dessert for our clients who love baking either for party or for business purposes.Read more


Instant Cooked Noodles, with concerns for various preferences of our clients, we created the International Instant Deliciousness, which is ready to be served including Thai cuisine, Chinese cuisine, Japanese cuisine, Western cuisine and even the Healthy cuisine. Moreover, you can create a better relish to your dish by adding Proplan’s cooking sauce, which will bring you about the superb menu.Read more

Salad Dressing

Salad Dressing, we satisfy the health lover with our selected Salad Dressings, including concentrate dressings, transparent dressing, and healthy dressing. If you are health lovers, you will surely fall in love with our salad dressings.Read more

Seasonings and Cooking Sauce

Seasonings and Cooking Sauce, no matter the food is from, all international consumers must be impressed with our supreme quality seasonings and cooking sauce.Read more

Dipping Sauce

Dipping Sauce, the complement for your splendid menu. It would be great, if various types of dipping sauce have been fully prepared for you on your dining table.Read more

Curry Paste

one of the products that requires several ingredients. We select the premium quality ingredients in order to enrich the flavor of the curry paste, which will be easy for you to cook either Western or Eastern cuisine.Read more

Quality System

Beside the fabulous taste of our products, controlling the quality, hygiene, and safety for the best outcome is also our contemplation and desire. Our products has been approved and certified by the standard of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice)/ HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point), which are the regulations of food production for human consumption. And the products are assured of contaminant free. This also includes BRC (The British Retail Consortium) that regulates the inspection in each step of food production process. Furthermore, we are qualified for the standard of the Central Islamic Council of Thailand, resulting in the Halal Certificate. Therefore, our products are widely recognized for the Quality of hygiene, safety, and accountability.

Recommend Recipe




Suki Yaki

Nasi Goreng


Pad Thai

Green Curry

Tomyum Kung

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